10 Tips For Packing Before Your Move

Getting ready to move? If you are, then you’re probably overwhelmed already as you contemplate packing. Packing up a home or apartment can be a stressful experience, and starting with a plan is the best way to avoid potential problems. Basic packing tips will help you get started and stay organized as you navigate the moving process.

1. Packing your out-of-season and rarely used items first. If it’s summer, start with the ski coats and wool sweaters. Don’t get much use out of the panini maker? It’s probably a prime candidate for early packing.

2. Many view moving as an opportunity for forced decluttering. Many organizational experts point out that the biggest reason people are disorganized is simply because they have too much stuff, not because they are inherently lazy or messy. Go from room to room, and make “throw out,” “donate,” and “keep” piles. Be brutal! It makes packing a lot easier!

3. Pack like items together. Packing the DVDs with the fine china can make unpacking a bit confusing.

4. Pack in layers, heavy things at the bottom, light things at the top. Keep cartons 50 pounds or lighter — your back with thank you!

5. Use colored wrapping for small things, to draw attention to them.

6. Cushioning can be added using towels, blankets, and sheets. Be creative and use what you have.

7. Don’t overload cartons, but try to make the pack firm, so that when the carton is closed the top stays flat, not bowed inward.

8. Label, label, label! There is no such thing as too much labeling. You’ll be glad you did when you arrive at your destination. Make sure to mark fragile items clearly.

9. Heavy items are best packed in small boxes, and light items in larger ones. Once again, your back will thank you!

10. Pack and specially mark your special valuables. You may wish to move them yourself in your vehicle, rather than putting them on a moving truck.