Winters Coming – Looking For Long Term Storage in Halifax Metro?

With the cold weather sneaking up on us faster then most of us would like (except for those that love skiing I guess) it’s time to start packing away some of those items we only use for the summer.

For some it’s the time of year where you remember just how little space you have in your basement or garage.

If you fall into this category maybe it’s time to consider renting some long term storage for the colder months to store items you won’t need access to for the next 3-4 months.

Able Movers is one of the premier Halifax moving companies, but we also have long term storage available at our location in Dartmouth.

While we don’t offer the 24 hour accessible storage that many of the mini storage locations provide across metro, we can help you out with longer term storage of items that don’t require access frequently. We can also help you out by assisting with moving and pick-up of these items.

We also offer long term storage for clients who are temporarily moving or traveling outside the country for periods of 6 months or longer. We can provide you with a custom quote to come in, pack up your home and furniture and provide safe storage of it for the time you’ll be gone.

For more information about our long term storage availability or for a quote call us at (902) 982-2075.


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